Okta 工作流

No code identity automation and orchestration


Okta 工作流 makes it easy to automate identity processes at scale – without writing code. Use if-this-then-that logic, Okta's pre-built connector library, and the ability to connect to any publicly available API to enable anyone to innovate with Okta.


Peloton saw a 50% reduction in time to address helpdesk tickets related to employee account creation/management


松弛 saved 45 minutes per day (200 hrs / yr) for IT with automated access review & monitoring process

贝恩 & 公司

贝恩 & 公司 minimized login steps for customers after discovering that 38% of logins were not completed

Automate Critical IT and 安全 Tasks At Scale With Okta 工作流

Sample use cases

  • Customize Employee or Partner User Lifecycle: Manage complex group memberships during onboarding or moves
  • Simplify IT Tasks: Identify inactive users and take action on their accounts, or generate audits and reports on a schedule basis
  • Improve 安全 Posture: Take action on suspicious activity, lock a user’s device upon offboarding, or configure flows to prevent account takeovers
  • Automate Time-Sensitive Use Cases: Leverage 工作流 low latency mode to power inline hooks during authentication, or automate tasks such as token enrichment or SAML assertion
  • Send Automated Communications + Alerts: Send ad hoc or scheduled notifications through preferred communication channels
工作流 - For workforce and customer identity

What you can do with 工作流

What you can do with 工作流

Enable anyone in your organization to automate + innovate

Enable anyone to automate identity-based processes and drive innovative new user experiences with a low/no-code interface and extensible platform service.

Enhance and Simplify Extensibility

Automate any identity-centric process with if-this-then-that logic by connecting to any API and stringing together actions across multiple APIs.

Deliver operational sustainability + security

Eliminate manual processes and utility custom scripts or code, which can be tedious, resource-intensive, and prone to manual errors.